The new born baby has limited body temperature control comparatively to adults. They could not maintain their body’s temperature and that’s why they are considered as more hypothermic means low body temperature. Inside the mother womb the temperature for baby if maintained due to mother body’s temperature, and when the baby born, they born with the whitish waxy substance covering the complete body of the newborn in order to help newborn to not drop body temperature rapidly. That’s why the Newborn first day is very crucial, when the newborn baby arrives; they are provided a sponge bath with lukewarm water rather than the fully-fledged bath.

 The newborn baby’s skin is more sensitive, thinner and fragile compare to an adult. That’s why it is recommended to bath the newborn twice in a week to avoid the dryness of the skin. And this pattern of newborn first bath is when the newborn umbilical cord stumps has fallen off. According to world health organization (WHO) report, the newborn should not be given a bathe within 24 hours until their vital signs become stable like the whitish waxy substance around the newborn body allowed to wear off naturally that is done by normal caring and handling a baby. However, the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) suggest administering the first bath after cardio-respiratory (function of heart and lungs) stability has been reached, which means waiting for 2hours following the birth. Normally the first bath of a well newborn is on the second day. This article will provide you the complete guide to take care of your little miracle.

Newborn first bath steps:

Before giving a bathe to a newborn, make sure you have laid out all the stuff required for it. Next make sure where you are bathing your baby is warm enough.  Prepare everything required like towels, baby bath solution, clean diaper, and face washers. Use a baby tub, add the cold water first and then warm water to adjust the temperature. If thermometer is available then check the temperature through it (around 37-38 degree Celsius), otherwise you can use your elbow to check it. Never fill the tub by two to three inches. Start cleaning the eyes by using the face washer, after that wash the face by using second face washer which is followed by washing newborn hair.  At the end wash the newborns umbilical cord but before that wash your hand first, use the cotton ball dipped in the cool boiled water. Use the cotton ball in circular motion.

Newborn first month:

The starting three months of the newly born are called transition period. The changes occur in the first month include firstly the fall off the umbilical cord which typically occur within 7-20 days. Second the weight gain, as after the birth the newborn will reduce its weight about 10% and again recover it in the first month. Thirdly, the change in the waste excretion from the body and its frequency. Fourthly the sleeping time, as it can help a newborn in development of brain.


  • How warm should a newborns bath be/ what temp should a newborn bath be?

It should be around 37-38 degree Celsius.

  • When is the best time to give a newborn their first bath?

It is best recommended to give the newborn their first bath within 24 hours.

  • Can the first bath temperature impact the baby’s skin condition?

As the newborn skin is very fragile and sensitive, using extremely hot water comparatively to baby’s body temperature can cause harm and vice versa.

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